How can machine learning improve customer service?

Machine learning generates actionable predictions for individual customers, and those predictions can drive the way each customer is served. In this way, machine learning can target a marketing campaign to customers who are more likely to respond to or decline credit card transactions that may be fraudulent. Delivering an extraordinary customer experience is priceless. Machine learning can increase customer retention and, at the same time, create brand awareness and trust.

It also increases back-end efficiency to achieve maximum impact on the front-end. Does your audience prefer specific jargon or logo? Data analysis will let you know. Machine learning (ML) takes the customer touchpoint, tracks activity in real time, and predicts the next best action based on user activity. Machine learning predicts future user needs based on history, which translates into upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

The system even sends hyper-personalized notifications to the CSR so that it can share them with the customer while the customer is still on call, as if they had published new products or service offers, since this customer had already searched for that specific keyword in the past. In this way, chatbots based on AI and ML can offer customers a more personalized and informed conversation that allows them to easily answer their questions and, if not, immediately direct them to a customer service agent in real time. Most people don't even realize that the companies they do business with are using AI to improve the customer experience. AI can analyze large amounts of data in a very short time and, together with predictive analytics, can generate actionable information in real time that can guide interactions between a customer and a brand.

As AI evolves more and more, it gains more power to make relevant and accurate predictions about online customer preferences and marketing strategies. This functionality can also dramatically improve the effectiveness of customer relationship management (CRM) and customer data platforms (CDP). Because AI is continuously learning and improving from the data it analyzes, it can anticipate customer behavior. This practice is also known as predictive engagement and it uses AI to inform the brand about when and how to interact with each customer.

Julien Salinas, founder and chief technology officer of NLP Cloud, told CMSwire that AI is often used to perform sentiment analysis to automatically detect if an inbound customer service request is urgent or not. AI-based sentiment analysis allows brands to gain useful information that facilitates a better understanding of the emotions customers feel when they encounter pain points or friction along the customer journey, as well as how they feel when they have positive and emotionally satisfying experiences. Use AI and machine learning to better understand your customers, taking advantage of their real-time decision-making capabilities and predictive analytics. Today, the CMSwire community is comprised of more than 5 million influential leaders in customer experience, digital experience, and customer service, most of whom reside in North America and work for medium and large organizations.

AI chatbots can hold several chats with their customers at the same time while they interact with them on the channel they prefer and in the language of their choice. A KMS (knowledge management system) based on AI assistants, customizable FAQs, and self-service services allow your customers and agents to easily find answers. This additional time dedicated exclusively to your customers will undoubtedly improve your organization's customer experience and take it to the next level. Kaye is a strong advocate for AI and machine learning and believes that these technologies will continue to grow and become commonplace in all industries.

The democratization of analytics will allow data professionals to focus on more complex scenarios and will make customizing the customer experience the norm. Using AI and machine learning to collect historical and behavioral data from customers can be much more effective than traditional data collection software.

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