What is the role of ai in customer experience?

Not only do AI tools help replace cumbersome processes with highly efficient workflows, but they also seamlessly analyze unstructured data to extract important business information. This valuable knowledge allows employees to make better decisions that improve overall customer experience and satisfaction. For transformed organizations, AI-based customer service can increase customer engagement, resulting in increased opportunities for cross-selling and upselling while reducing the cost of service. Because AI can analyze large amounts of data in a very short time, it uses predictive analytics to generate actionable information in real time that guides the next interactions between a customer and a brand.

With AI technology, companies will be able to provide faster service to customers and provide better, more accurate recommendations. In fact, many larger companies have already implemented AI technology to complement their customer service team. You use an AI-based feature of your CRM to track customer issues, and you start to notice that many customers have difficulty integrating the tool with Google Calendar. Customer experience spans the entire customer lifecycle, from the moment they visit a website or interact with a seller to the moment they leave a store.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to see how AI can improve the customer experience and current business processes. Unlike traditional data analysis software, AI can analyze customer behavior and data and continuously learn and improve throughout the process. Two-thirds of millennials expect real-time customer service, for example, and three-quarters of customers expect a consistent service experience across all channels. Customer service leaders face challenges ranging from selecting the most important use cases for AI to integrating technology with legacy systems and finding the right talent and organizational governance structures.

These are the main challenges that need to be addressed before AI can be used in the customer experience. Companies can analyze customer behavior, demographics, and personal preferences with AI to highlight relevant products and resources during the onboarding process. Through this approach, customers can offer their customers a more personalized offer, creating a unique, personal bond that would be difficult to create without the help of artificial intelligence. Zendesk uses artificial intelligence to review support tickets and determine which customer problems are most common.

Whatever your business, you can take advantage of Express Analytics' customer data platform, Oyster, to analyze customer feedback.

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